Monday, March 10, 2008

Waiting Game

I had forgotten about this...the waiting for a new person to enter your life.
Knowing that this little person will change everything, will disrupt routines and throw everything into uproar. Knowing that everything will change, my life, my daughter's lives will forever be touched by this moving entity in my womb, whom I cannot see or hear, but I instinctively know. I know he doesn't like me to "push him around", because when I try to poke a foot or baby butt, he moves away from my touch. A little personality all his own, and not even born yet...

This little miracle, as every child is, who forever ties two families into one.

A little boy who will hold my heart in the palm of his hand, my forever youngest child. So much change, but I am in limbo, waiting....knowing he will arrive soon, but when?
The last few weeks are the hardest.