Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Saga Continues

Every time I think of the words that I need to write, I clam up. I lose them completely. It has been that way for a long time now, months even. So I will sit here and type whatever comes from my brain until I get it once again; until I can put it down and out there and be better for having it out and not in my head.

Another Sunday morning. Yesterday was Another Saturday morning. Same place. Same people. Same grumpy man yelling about how he never gets any sleep (toddler time) and how he hates me and wants to leave and disappear with his son (who turns two soon!) and how I'm lazy (still working full-time with less benefits yup!) and then today it was he would rather be with his ex-wife than me (the evil woman who stole his children reported to me through email of his previous verbal-abuse!) and other blah blah blah while telling me that I'm being a bitch and treating him like shit.

I'll cut to the good stuff, when the kids were gone. I am leaving to go to the store (I'm the only one who has a driver license so i do all the everything!) and when I step down the stairs, I notice his shoes on the second step. The steps are the creepy ones i thought as a child i would fall! with no back to them? ...? Go on and tell me you wouldn't do the same! I kick his shoes backwards to the ground (just to be a bitch go me!) and then he kicks me in the ribs.

What. The. Fuck. Seriously? Motherfucker just kicked me???? So I slowly straighten up and walk to the car. I get in and lock the door. I had time to do this because i kicked his shoes to the ground go me! I call the men in blue later and file a report.

Even though they let him out, I got to see him sit in the back of a squad car for a few minutes. That was pretty nice. The officer told me that my "husband seemed shaken up a bit" and then told me Husband reported that he "accidently stepped on" me. Husband had mentioned this to me earlier as well, after seeing me dial nine one and one.

What the Fuck EVEN MORE! First the asshole has the audacity to kick while my back was turned but then he doesn't even have the balls to admit he did it on purpose! If I had any respect for the man left, it would be lowered by this.

Whatever. I'm going to watch mindless tv so that I won't think about tomorrow, won't think about how my ribs hurt on one side, and i have to get up early and how my sweet baby boy is going to grow up learning that this is how you treat women and I'm not ok with that.