Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Quickie

The Bellagio Fountains were the most beautiful thing in Vegas. I love classical music, I love water, so combine the two together and I had tears rolling down my face. Just a few...very embarassing.

I'll bet you read this thinking I was gonna be dirty.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pass The Pepah'. The Cayenne Pepah'?

I heard on the radio today that the average American household spends $140 on toilet paper a year. $140. That doesn't really surprise me, it seems like a good figure.

I spend about $10 a month on toilet paper. I buy the cheap brand, but believe you me, I get irritated at having to pay that $10. It used to be cheaper. Dammit.
So we know that $10 a month for a year is $120. And you know those two extra months out of the year when you get an "extra" biweekly paycheck? Like that. One must have to buy an extra package of paper. Easy, $140.

I'm driving home from work thinking to myself after hearing this on the radio. i could do that all in one swoop I think. $140 is not that much at a time for a whole year of shopping! I would never have to worry about running out again. Why hadn't I thought of this before?!

I share my news with Husband, what a great plan! He brings me back to reality with thoughtless questions such as:

"How are you going to get all of that toilet paper home?"


"Where are you going to keep all of it?"

Hmm..... I buy 24 roll packs. (Packs? Packs of toilet paper? Packages? Units?) They are pretty cumbersome.

Dammit. The toilet pepah'.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

J2 Was Singing and I Wrote It Down

Ok, while you're reading this you must kind of hum the words along to a tune...but what tune? That wasn't really reflected in the song to me either, so just kind of hum any ol' thing that's not too busy. Think three or four different notes.

"Deep down...where I found your schooooool..
and where you make room for yoooouuuuuu...
In your house I find your poooool,
In your pool I find yoooouuuu...
You ask me if I want to come innnnnn
I say no but I would if I could
and you ask me whyyyyy
and I say because my mom doesn't let me go into poooools...
You say 'why not just this once?' and I say noooo
because I don't want to disapoint my mooooooom...."