Sunday, June 08, 2008

Things I Like About Where I Live

It smells good when I walk in. And it's cooler, and airy, so I always breath in one breath deeper when I walk in. I get a very satisfied feeling while doing so. As a result, I keep the place clean. Not just cleaner than before or cleaner than usual because people! People! I have never really been a great housekeeper. I'm very cluttered. I have my own organizational method. So the house is clean and smells good.

The kitchen is larger than any kitchen I've ever had. I hadn't realized up until now how small the previous kitchens actually were. This kitchen makes me want to try new things. That's a good kitchen.

The bedroom is cold and has a fan that makes a noise that drowns out the world when I'm trying to sleep. The bed is huge and when I take a nap it's all mine. I can stretch out and snore and forget about the baby for just a little while. Husband will entertaining J3 and I am out.

J1 and J2 each have their own rooms which are kept clean. (The bathrooms are clean too. I can't get over the Clean Feeling.) They are happier with their own space, and as a result they bicker and argue all the freakin time because that's what siblings do! But at least I can send them away from each other sometimes.

I can take a walk outside with the stroller and J3. J2 tags along and we talk about which neighborood cat will let you you pet it, and why don't clouds talk, and if we should taste the cherries from the tree along the road. (We do. They were sweet! And you could just spit out the pits in the street!)

The backyard has grass and roses and trees. Okay, two trees. It's not 13 acres worth of trees, but at least there are trees. The backyard roses also include my favorite kind, not sure what they're called, but they're purple and smell fabulous.

Finally, I have a porch where I can stick my turtle collection. They're keeping the house safe. Keep on truckin', Turtles.