Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's A Really Really Long Time

I've been employed at the Welfare Office for five years. I feel like a completely different person than the woman who started this blog. I was funnier. (No really, I was).

I was thinner and accessorized better. I was more naive and self-centered.

Different isn't always a bad thing. I still see the funny in things, it's just more subtle...or maybe I've learned to keep my mouth a little more shut.

I'm fatter than I was, but I actually like myself. I have no problem with my weight; it's my health I'd like to improve.

I have three of the world's best kids and a Husband who has faithfully attended Anger Management classes this past year of our separation in order to make it work. And I'm thinking of letting him come back, because I am still so completely and totally in love with him that it makes sense.

I have learned that I have a strength inside of me that I didn't know existed and it won't fail me. I've learned that many many things can be overcome by the power of Positive Thinking (not kidding. I weaned myself off of Prozac three months ago and am still fine).

I am good at my job (97%-100% accurate actually) and I still enjoy my job very much. I like helping people that need it. I love finding that gray area between the regulations and REAL LIFE (without breaking any rules) and straddling that line in order for REAL PEOPLE to get the help that, in my opinion, should be available to everyone who needs it.

Five years has gone by so very slooooooooowly. Thank goodness I cannot remember it all. But the things I can remember helped make me this awesome girl I am now. And part of that is never forgetting where I came from...Welfare Mommy. Welfare Worker.