Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Moving done! Cleaning done! Saving the money I *don't* need to pay rent? Uh....not saving really. More like spending. I love to indulge myself and my children, and why not? It's been so long since we were able to do that.

Loving my "little house". I am not really a cleaning type of woman (Husband does most of that), but I might be able to get into it somehow since there's not much space to get dirty!

I should have done this a long time ago. In two years we will have the money saved to build a Real House. That is, if I don't spend it all on new shoes...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Quick Moment

Okay, so moving is SHIT. I HATE moving. I have also figured out that I am completely fucking psychotic and never throw anything away. Those do not go hand-in-hand. They are completely seperate problems, one of which I can fix. Guess which one?

Friday, July 03, 2009

A Very Important Part of Me

Part of me is very stubborn. Okay, quite a bit of me in fact. That same part of me also happens to very resistant to a change of routine. Not, to say, the routine of a normal day where breakfast is at 8 and the floors are scrubbed every Saturday, sex is at 10:45 Thursday evenings and Friday night it's Potroast Night. Always.

That kind of routine is not my thing. No no no. My routines are paying the bills every month at the same time and not balancing my checkbook (this works out better than you'd think), always take time for Messy when he hands me a book, keep the same boxes of crap around whatever garage I happen to be renting for years because I can't get rid of it (change! oh no!), and moving on when I am all done in a situation.

My Very Important Part is screaming inside because I am about to let go of my life as I know it and embark on something new and different. I made a permanant decision that affects my life, my children's and my husband's lives. Wait that looks like i have more than one husband doesn't it? Only one, I'm not in Utah.

After discussing it for quite some time, my husband and I reached an agreement. It was really me who agreed, he has been on board forever. We agreed to purchase a fifth wheel trailer to live in, on some property I own. Yes, all of us. All five. Upon agreeing on that aspect of it, we proceeded to purchase said fifth wheel in a 2009 edition that has all sorts of bells and whistles and contraptions that we will have to learn together, Internet and myself. After we did that, we had fifth wheel delivered and now we are scrambling for boxes in which to store EVERYTHING FROM MY WHOLE LIFE BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIT THAT MUCH LIFE IN A TRAILER! It only sleeps 8 (little people i think) so there is no room for anything else.

That is where we are right now. My Very Important Part is freaking, because I can't back out. I have trailer payments which happen to be 1/3 of my current rent, which sums up the main motivation of my move: money.