Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I can drop off resumes at Old Navy, Target, Macy's and Gottschalks and shop when I'm done filling out apps. See how efficient I am?

I am trying on dresses at Fashion Bug. Interview appropriate, I'm always thinking about job-readiness! These dresses all seem kind of large, but I know what size I am. Trust me, after losing half my backside, I am pretty measurement savvy. What is going on here?
Now I know how they getcha'!! In my opinion, it seems as though these dresses are all sized too large! I could go back to the racks and grab a dress where the label is a size smaller than my size, and delude myself into thinking I am skinnier than I actually am!!

Alright, so it was fun for a few minutes...until I realized the backlash that was going to happen at the next store where sizes were normal. There, I would just feel like I had gained a size, which would result in my already poor self-esteem taking a dip. Nuh-uh! Oh my gosh...I don't have to shop here anymore...I'm skinny enough now to shop in the regular departments of regular stores...