Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Things I Didn't Say Today at Work

"Dumb bitch."

"Oh yeah, it's really amusing when I ask for your ID and you say 'No'."

"Why in the hell are you a head cashier?"

"Have a nice day, asshole!"

"Oh, I'm not fast enough for you? Too fucking bad."

"Please, allow me to stop walking so you and your cart can get through, but then go ahead and park it right in front of me. That's a sport."

"In the lumber aisle, you moron."

"Yeah, maybe if that store came to this town, you'd shop there and leave me the hell alone."

"Gee, you want to pay for an eight dollar purchase with a one hundred dollar bill? And you wonder why I have to call for change? Thanks a fucking lot!"

"Lady, I've already called for a lot attendant! Fercryinoutloud, give them a couple of minutes to get here."

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