Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I attended the Book Fair at my daughter's school last night. Thirty-five dollars later, I am the proud owner of some really cute stuff, one of which happens to be a thesaurus.
I recently completed my AA degree in English, and I didn't own a thesaurus!

The neighbor girl knocked on the door yesterday (before the book fair)and asked to borrow a thesaurus if we had one. I actually had to think a moment...sure, I had one...right? Uh, no.
So I had to buy one.

I am going to learn a new word every day. Well, words.
Today, our word is: (Randomly opening the book here...)
excessive: extreme, drastic, radical, inordinate, immoderate, intemperate, exorbitant, overabundant

Shall we use one in a sentence? Hmm...My ex-husband is an intemperate asshole.
Works for me!

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