Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hey, Do You KNow That One Guy?

There was this nice-looking male customer at my register. (By nice-looking I mean he had all of his teeth and wasn't covered in dirt.) It was late and there was no line. He asked me how I was doing, and I told him that I was doing well, because tommorow was my day off. Hey, he asked!! Anyhow, he then replied, "Oh, tomorrow is Sunday. Do you know the Lord?"
And it took me a couple seconds to figure out what in the hell he was talking about!
I get all cheery(fake) and reply, "Of course!"
He says, "Do you go to church?"
So I'm thinking he's got to be a pastor or something. Youth group leader?
I tell him that I don't go to church, that I'm "spiritual on the inside."
Now, all of this is a big fat fucking lie, because I'm not religious at all. I don't know "the Lord" and I most certainly will never go to church again.
But that's not the issue here.
The issue is, why could I not bring myself to tell this guy that? I didn't know him, I will most likely never see him again.
I think I like the idea that I can be somebody that I'm not to people who don't know me.

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