Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Addiction

Hello, my name is BrokeMom. And I am addicted the The Sims.
I love the game. I can create and destroy and decorate to my little heart's content.

I bought a new computer the other day, a nice fast one. Did I mention that it was fast? And better? I agonized over the decision to buy one for a looong time. We were going to buy one with our tax refund in February. But we needed the money for other things. Then we were going to buy one when some settlement money came through. But we needed it for other things. So I finally figured, "Heck, all that money in my savings account is just sitting there. Might as well use it!"

And I did.

It all started with The Sims. And then I got an expansion pack or four. And then I received The Sims 2 as a gift. But my dinosaur, er, computer wouldn't support it. With my new computer, I can now play The Sims 2. Oh wait, I can pretty much play whatever in the hell I want!
I have to go now. It beckons me...

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