Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bah Humbug

I hate Christmas. I really do.
Maybe it's not hate. Perhaps it's just apathy, for a "holiday" which means nothing to me anymore. I wish it were over, and I wish I could look forward to not having Christmas next year.

We put up the tree today. It's artificial. I have never ever had an artificial tree. It was seemingly simple. And there won't be pine needles in the carpet. And I am standing up for my belief that in today's world with our depleting natural resources, we shoule be planting trees, not murdering them by the thousands once a specific time of year so we can take it home and put colored lights and candy canes on it!!!!! What a stupid fucking tradition.

We went to see Santa at the Mall today. My partner and I dressed the girls up in their beautiful dresses and decided to stop procrastinating about the whole thing. Everything went fine until my partner asked Santa if she could have a candy cane. (She's a sugar freak. They were just sitting there in a basket! And the moms suffer through more than the kids in those lines.) So she says, "Santa, can I have a candy cane?"
Santa replied, "Only if you sit on Santa's lap!"
Although, I'm glad to see that Santa likes the moms sitting on his lap more than kids. You never know with those Mall Santas.
By the way, I had my back turned when that exchange happened, so I don't know if Santa got his wish. But my partner had candy for all of us...hmm...

Anyway, my point now is that Christmas sucks.

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