Monday, December 26, 2005

More Things You Might Not Know About Me

Apparently, I can be a little intimidating. Me?

I enjoy reading a thesaurus.

I like my hair brushed by someone else.

If I were to get high off of pot (which I of course wouldn't, as I am drug free) I would be a total sarcastic bitch to you. And I would think it was funny.

Sometimes, I want to be a hippie and live in a commune where we all share everything. (but not drugs.Riiiiight.)

I think that decorative throw pillows are the cutest, but I won't buy them because I could never begin to decide which ones I want more.

I think that credit cards will be America's downfall.

On my drivers license it reads that I am 5'2". This is not the case. I am actually a half inch shorter.

I have a Precious Moments coloring book that only I can color in. With my own big box of crayons that the children cannot touch.

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