Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Only TV Show I Get To Watch

My partner is addicted to Smallville. You know, the one with the young Clark Kent, who alternates between saving people, kicking krypton-enhanced evil mutant ass, and gazing wistfully off into space at absolutely nothing.
For a lesbian, she sure does stare and sigh longingly a lot.

Here are some things I've noticed about Smallville.

There are only two cities in their little world. Smallville and Metropolis.

Superboy must have a fantastic mechanic we never see, because he crashes that red truck in almost every episode. And a few scenes later, it looks as good as new. No scratches. No dents.

For a farm that's in financial trouble, they sure do have an endless supply of cash to keep replacing the tractors that Clark blows up.

And on that thought, does anybody ever do any farming?

For such a rich and powerful guy that Lex is, his home security sucks. Clark can just wander around wherever and whenever he wants, and nobody seems to care.

None of these teenagers ever have any sex! I was having sex in highschool. So were most of the people I knew. Don't you just love TV Land?

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