Sunday, December 18, 2005

Things About BrokeMom You Might Not Know

I only passed my second year of French in high school because of my very good friends, Brandy and Jill, and their large handwriting on tests.

I have never broken a bone.

I have only had one cavity in my teeth, and that was when I was 22.

I used to be a preschool teacher.

I play the piano. I took lessons for over ten years.

I love chocolate covered cherries, but I spit out the cherry after sucking out the yummy filling.

I am a Knifty Knitter.

I love buttons.

If you leave your backpack or purse at my house, I will go through it. If confronted about going through your stuff, however, I will tell you the truth. I'm curious, dammit.

Popcorn makes me farty. This is a recently new development.

I am a sucker for full sleeve tattoos.

If you want to buy me a coffee from Dutch Brothers, I drink a sugar-free breve Milky Way.

I hate snow. I have been heard saying while walking in the snow, "Ew yuck it's touching me getitoff!!"

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