Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Surroundings

I realize that I have more friends than I thought.
I realize that I was dependent on my partner for friendship, more than I should have been. We have known each other for over ten years, so it was very easy to do.
I have always resisted meeting people. Inside, I'm really just a shy girl. But I have been forcing myself to get out and do stuff by myself. And it's working! I am meeting people. I am making new friends. (Side note: people who are really funny while drunk are sometimes not funny while sober.)
My old friends (maybe I should call them current friends? hmm...) have been wonderful. I have a bigger support system than I thought. Much. Friends are coming out of the woodwork (had I woodwork) to help me out. So I would like to thank those friends here, for the wonderful friendship and support that they provide. But I'm not going to name them here on my blog, because they might think that's creepy.

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