Monday, February 20, 2006

Boys Are Stupid

Dating a guy is way different from dating a girl. There are drawbacks and advantages to both. For instance,
Girls always want to talk about the way they feel.
Guys very rarely talk about their feelings. They never ask, "How are you feeling?" When you get depressed, they ask, "What's up your butt?"
Nothing is up my butt. I'm just a little sad. Sorry you cannot handle that!
But sometimes it's nice to not worry about talking about feelings. Things are just what they are, no in-depth talks about emotions. Nice.
Boys have hairy faces and stinky feet. Well, I know some girls who do also, but I would never date them.
Boys go to their friend's house to buy something (not pot) and then won't come over like they said they would because they're too stoned. And they drive a motorcycle and they whine because it's too cold out. Boo-hoo. What the hell did you expect?

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