Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Home, Sweet Home

I did it.
I am in my own apartment, just me and my two kids.
I bought new towels and potholders and drinking glasses. I bought new sheets for my bed, a new comforter, and a new pillow.
I bought bottled water for my fridge.
If I make a mess, I know that I will have to clean it up later. That's comforting. So I just don't make a mess. Well, I clean it up right away so I don't have to later.
I can sleep in the middle of the bed, and roll over and not squish anyone.
My children are adjusting quite well.

Hex is telling people all sorts of stories about me to anyone who will listen, such as
I'm seeing someone new (this is true)
It's a guy (also true)
I ask her to babysit so I can see this guy (this is not true)
and so on and so on.
She talks shit behind my back and then calls and asks me for a favor. And what do I do? I do it. Why? I dunno'. My reason for splitting up with her was because there was this guy that she wouldn't get rid of. They were attached at the hip, she dragged him around everywhere with her, and she wouldn't let me be in the same room alone with him. She wouldn't let me talk to him. She told him that I wanted to sleep with him and get pregnant with his baby (this is not true). I'm not sure as to what else she told him, but knowing her track record, it was mostly lies. Hex couldn't tell the truth if it bit her on the ass.
And on that note, here's a toast to me, a woman who knows her own mind. A woman who refuses to live with a liar and a pothead and a thief, a woman who wants the best for her children, a woman who is finding herself under all this mess. And I'd like to quote a line from a favorite Ani song,
"I am an all-powerful Amazon warrior, not just some snivelling girl."
That's me.

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Cassy said...

Hi there! I found your blog while just surfing.

I'm a single mom too, so I know the struggle.

Congrats on the new place and new start.

Hang in will get better.