Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Listening To You

I hate listening to you. You talk about all these new people in your life. What will I do when I actually see you with someone new? Sure, it's okay for me to be with someone. And logically, it's okay for you to be with someone new. I see the look in your eyes. I know that you are tired, I know you feel defeated. I know you realize that you did this to yourself. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to shake you and tell you to get your shit together.
I will hate her. Whoever she is, whenever she shows up. She will never know the you that I know.
She will never see the you inside that I see.
She will never understand the you that I understand.
That she will touch the body that I touched will kill me. But it's not mine to touch anymore. To think that her touch will elicit the responses that my touch did...
I understand now why you hate him so much. How you can hate someone you don't even know. I hate someone who doesn't even exist yet.

I don't want a life with you any longer. So why is it so hard to let you go?

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