Friday, March 24, 2006

Needing a Cuddle Call

I am a girl who just plain likes to fuck. Simple as that. I enjoy sex, I am open with what I want, when and how I want it, and who I want it from. Hex and I have been broken up for about two months now. I've only been with one person since her. Strangely, at this point in my life, I am not craving sex. (Yearning? Jonesing?)I already went through that phase a few weeks ago, I think.
I am craving the cuddling. I don't need a booty call, I need what my friend K calls a "cuddle call". I miss the holding and wrapping my arms around someone. I miss burying my face into good-smelling hair, and I miss stretching my leg out under the covers and touching someone else's leg. I miss sliding my hand under the pillow and touching someone else's hand . It's not about anything sexual, it's just about the closeness with someone. But I don't think I could cuddle with just anyone, they would have to mean more to me than just sex. And if I had to choose between a relationship and a fuck, I would choose the latter. But that means I get no cuddles.

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