Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Use Your Effing Listening Ears!

My children do not listen to me.
They will not clean their room. I tried asking. Pleading. Bribing. Yelling.
Do I have to cry? Refuse to buy them things if they don't clean? Can I withhold dinner until it's clean?
Where is the handbook on this stuff??!!

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whoami929 said...

I stopped asking, I stopped doing her laundry if it wasn't in the hamper, I stopped cleaning her room, when I walked into her room I stepped on whatever was on the floor. It took a while but she got the picture. Every once in a while she slides and her room gets a little messy but now I don't even have to say anything because it gets on her nerves so much when it gets like that. Of course, she's almost 17 so it's taken a while to get to that point. I used to scream too, it got me nowhere.