Friday, May 05, 2006

My Big Problem

I hate people who try to mindfuck* me. And it really pisses me off if they do it under the pretense of "love". And then when faced with a psuedo-giving-in or nothing, it all comes down to everything.
But I'm not backing down now, hell no! I will not give up any piece of me, for you.
Not for anybody. So eff* off.

*Notice how I used one word more politely than the other? It's because I am trying not to say the word "fuck" all the time, and the word "mindfuck" is an actual 'something' whereas "eff off" is allowed because I am technically not telling anyone to "fuck off".


whoami929 said...

Yikes. What happened?

BrokeMom said...

Stupid boy, that's all. He realized his wrong and apologized, but still...