Monday, August 21, 2006

Let Me Share

My posts have been rather blah lately. This is because I no longer have the internet at home. And that is because I am cheap. Uh, fiscally conservative, I mean. I don't like to post interesting things from my work computer. Big Brother, you know.
Anyhow, so I did what every other FC person would do...I procrastinated. I whined. And hemmed and hawed about dial-up and dsl and modems and such. Then I called my phone company and had all of my extra services, such as call waiting, taken off of my phone. (I'm never home to use it, why pay for it?)
And then I ordered DSL for a wonderfully low rate.
And then I received notice that I get no more child support checks because ExDingbat lost his job. I knew it was coming, oh yes. But it still hurts on so many levels. (Ok, so it bugs me that he doesn't care to send support to his children without it being garnished, but it hurts financially the most.)
But see, I figured it out like this: I usually pay my bills online. Without the internet, I am spending $2 a month in stamps, some other amount in envelopes(who wants to calculate that?), and lots of precious time finding said stamps, envelopes, a pen to write with, and a child to run down to the mailbox for me. This also means that my friends never hear from me again, because I don't do phone calls and I write letters about dumb stuff.
So to pay $12.99 a month for the internet (not Dial-Up, ooh, new for me) is completely worth it.
Even without child support checks...well, I'll worry about that when next month's bills are due. And if I can afford to pay them, I'll do it online.


samantha said...

Welcome to the world of DSL!!! It is awesome, I love it! Well, I really need to see you, miss ya. So many things have happened that I would love to tell ya.

BrokeMom said...

The other day, we drove by your old apartment. Little J wanted to stop by, but I told her, "No, she doesn't live there anymore."
She did NOT believe me! She flat out told me, "Mom, you're lying. She does to live there still!"
So hurry up with that housewarming. While I can still afford a present! :)

samantha said...

You can come over whenever you have a chance! The house is as put together as it is going to get right now!!! So yes...I shall call sometime soon and you will come over, and you will bring Little J and Big J with you. Ok decision made!!!!