Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm Showing You The Finger

Are you ready for my finger? Here it is... okay, so it's actually my hand. But it has something made of carbon and white gold on a very important finger.

I almost peed my pants. Pee-ed? Pee-ded-ed?


samantha said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I didnt understand the whole, my turn comment. I get it now!!!! Congrats!

Ina said...

Was that your Grammas? Family heirloom?

I think I just peed my pants for you.

I .. erm... hmm... need to talk to you. Shouldn't you have called me about this? Not presumptuously thinking before you gave an answer of course, but perhaps an email? Unless I am correct in thinking it isn't from H O W A R D.

Yep, call me. Uhhh... no call Duane. My phone is D E D.

BrokeMom said...

Uhhh...assuming I knew his number, I would call you. And who else would it be from????