Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm Home Sick

I came home sick today. Really, I am sick! But it's my own fault. Have I ever mentioned that I love Dutch Brothers Milky Way coffees? I'm sure I have...but have I mentioned they give me the trots? I have figured out how to combat the crapping by taking a Lactaid and an Immodium.

It was rainy this morning. It felt like a coffee day. I recently got a raise in pay, so I just happened to have some cash...and I bought a Milky Way. Mmmm! It was sooo tasty when I got it. It was tasty as I got to work and realized I had a meeting at 8:00am. It was tasty during the meeting while I was sitting forgetting to take the pills in my desk drawer. No Lactaid. No Immodium.
Bathroom time! Again! Again! Uh....better run, again! So I needed to come home to use my own bathroom. Plus, it's kinda' difficult to interview clients/customers when I feel like a could crap my pants at any second!!
So I took a picture of my socks for you. Just because I can. Notice my freakishly long second toe...


samantha said...

I am feeling this really weird sense of boredom, or having TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!! HA HA! you crack me up. I love when you write in this thing, entertains me for a good few minutes. Well, I'm excited about Sunday, can't wait to see the little ones and you, its been too long.

Ina said...

You're so weird.

I miss you though.

We moved into our apartment yesterday. We should be coming up this weekend. I'll call you.