Sunday, December 03, 2006

Almost Another Year

Big J will be ten years of age soon. She's almost as tall as I am, and full of attitude. She can almost wear my shoes.
I let her wear eyeshadow for the first time yesterday. It was pink. We were going out as a family for a celabratory dinner for my father, and when we were getting ready she asked me if she could put it on. "A little!" she assured me.
The only "makeup" she is allowed to wear is lip gloss. I want her to know that one doesn't need to wear face paint in order to be beautiful, but society is teaching her that more is just enough. When shopping occasionally, I will see a young girl wearing (in my opinion) too much makeup, and I wonder what in the hell her mother is thinking.
I don't want to be that mother.
I go without makeup some days, and my daughter is aware that I don't have to "put my face on" in order to go do something.
What am I going to do when she asks to highlight her hair? Shave her legs? Go to the mall with a friend?!
I'm panicking now...I can see it all slipping out of control in just a few years...


Ina said...

You started crying about this same thing when you were pregnant with her.



BrokeMom said...

Goosfraba this!
I may have worried about it then, but I can see the tunnel up ahead, now!I can see where the whole "mom-daughter/love-hate" thing happens, and I am powerless to stop it...
I hope you are cur-- uh, blessed with a girl.