Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Authority

A few days ago while picking up the J's from school, I noticed that Big J sure did look rosy-cheeked and doe-eyed. In fact...on closer inspection, I deduced that she was wearing make-up! Mascara, eyeshadow, and blush. I didn't say anything. I gave her a weird look, but kept my mouth shut. I could tell that she had gone to some effort to wipe it off. The only make-up I really let her wear is lip gloss. Go lip gloss crazy, whatever.
The next day? Yesterday. Again, when picking them up I noticed she was wearing make-up! It didn't look bad or overdone, and someone who didn't give birth to her wouldn't notice, I'll bet. I couldn't help myself, so I asked "Uh, are you wearing makeup? You're not allowed to wear makeup to school."
She replied, "I didn't wear it to school. I put in on during afterschool care. And some of it's mine and some is Courtney's. By the way, I wore some yesterday that I did put on in the morning and you didn't notice."
Crap. She had me there, if only on a technicality. I had a talk with her on the way to the truck about how makeup doesn't make her "more pretty" and how "less is more" and how one can "catch diseases from sharing eye-makeup". She nodded her head and looked interested.
"So can I buy my own mascara so I don't have to use Courtney's?" she asked.
I still don't understand how it happened...but somehow, she got me to agree that she could wear brown mascara and light eyeshadow. I put my foot down on the blush, telling her that in this cold weather her cheeks are naturally rosy and anything more would be an overkill. I'll think of something else before Spring arrives.
When I think about the conversation in my head, I do a "Whatwhatwhat?! Your daughter is ten! What are you thinking?!"
And I can't answer myself. I don't know how it happened! She's growing up and it's hurting. She doesn't look ten, when my friends meet her they wonder how on earth I have a twelve year old. That's no excuse though, now is it?
So I told her this morning (when she came out wearing tasteful brown eyeshadow and asking to use my mascara) that as long as she promised me she wouldn't look like a "hoochie-whore", I was okay with it.
But I'm SO not. But only on the inside. Because I know to nag would spark a rebellion, and she's way too young for that.
I 'm pretty sure.


Ina said...

I left the myspace before I read this one....

If you are so objectionable to her reasons for wearing makeup, have you given her yours?

Why do YOU wear it?

Just curious....

BrokeMom said...

I like the way I look in it. And she said the same thing.
Which is why we are going mascara shopping tomorrow.Hmph.