Saturday, February 17, 2007

The First Playdate

Little J has a playdate tomorrow with a friend from school. I am not panicking right now because:
One) After-dinner drinks

Two) I don't have to be included in the playdate. Friend's mom asked if she could take the girls to the movies, and since I forgot to ask if could come too, I guess I'll sit this one out. Darn.

Three) The woman actually seems like someone I could be friends with. She told me that when I drop Little J off, I could come a little early...long pause...and I said, "and for why?". She said, "Well, to check things out and...uh..." I finished her sentence "and make sure you guys are okay people?"
She said, "Yeah, I'll hide all the weird stuff before you get here!"


Ina said...

How went the play date? Did you make a new friend?

BrokeMom said...

No, things are still at that "awkward" stage. Beer would help. But that would be awkward as well. S'cool. I don't really have a lot of time to devote to new friends.

Ina said...

Got any time to devote to old ones?