Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Old Home

We're here, in our new old home. Color samples transferred from paint can to wall. (More specifically: from Home Depot to the porch, back to HD to get the tint correct and then back home, oh wait one more time is it perfect yet?) Most furniture moved in, old apartment still not empty. (Would we miss the things remaining?)
I feel like a new chapter in my life is beginning. My two children are growing up healthy and happy, and for the most part, well-mannered. They're old enough to entertain themselves. I can take a trip away from them and not worry too much. Fiance is a Super Construction Build/Fix Stuff Man whom I trust. I have a job that I love. The size of my paychecks boggles me sometimes, compared to where I was 14 months ago. Granted, there have been pitfalls along the way (downgrading my internet connection, no cell signal, the fucking mosquitos!) but overall, no complaints.
Hmmm...things are too happy, aren't they? This is the lull before the storm. I'll bet my transmission falls out tomorrow. On the other hand, how can things get better? I know, I'll win the lottery.

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