Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cute Babies? Ugly Babies?

All babies are not cute. You know I'm right, so hush up. We all think that "my baby is the cutest baby." Well, not mine, but yours. Ours. You know what I mean!

While perusing blogs I come across many many MANY photos of people's children in random poses/costumes. These photos are captioned with "Isn't he adorable?" or "What a Cutie!" or "Next Top Model". Okay, I haven't seen that last one, but I betcha it's out there.

My problem is this: we all think our kids are the most adorable freakin things ever. Some of these kids though, are not the most adorable thing ever.

And I wonder....I think my son is pretty damn good looking. But maybe I'm reaching.

Next Top Model

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