Monday, June 20, 2005

Get A Job!

Today we got to leave our little room and go to another room. This room was full of computers and printers. Our job today was to create a resume. WinWay Resume, chant it, it rhymes! The other welfare mommies seemed to know nothing about computers, so I got straight to work while they got a tutorial.
Old Guy looks over my shoulder and asks, "Where is your high school information listed?"
I tell him it's not. Further discussion ensues, seems that Old Guy doesn't see many college educated welfare mommies and doesn't understand that I can put a college down under education rather than high school. He finally gets it, whew!
Experience? Not much. I spent a few years as a preschool teacher in a state where you don't need ECE units to teach. Not so in sunny California! Which I commend...when I get a job, I don't want just any ol' teacher educating my children!
Ready for more club fun? I get to pick the paper I want my resume printed on! There are two choices, a linen looking grey or a watermark ivory. I am the last to choose, and I choose the linen. Old Guy says, "I knew you'd pick that one." Apparently the others all picked the ivory. Another psychic in the club!! Will wonders never cease...