Friday, June 17, 2005

Your Taxes Hard At Work!

I sure am having a fun time at this club! Sarcasm pretty thick here...
I gave in and started dressing like my fellow club members. Okay, well not exactly. My flip-flops match my shirt which match my purse. I'm a slave for fashion, what can I say?

So I sit here for six hours a day, listening to this old guy talk about his old jobs and his old coworkers and how much fun it's going to be once I am off welfare. Right.

One welfare mommy turned around to me today and said, "Can I borrow your calculator?"
I was in awe. How did she know that I did indeed have a calculator in my purse??!!
I asked her. She said I just look like the type to carry a calculator with me.

I get out of my superfun club early, so I decide to go shopping. Mervyn's is having a great shoe sale...but while I am trying on shoes, I am compelled to stare at women who look nice and coordinated, who remind me of...well, me. I stare...and I wonder...does she have a calculator in her purse?!