Saturday, July 30, 2005

Buying In

Buy Dove products. Why? Well, I have used their products, and I'm satisfied, but that's not the reason. In our media-driven culture, where advertising comes from just about everywhere, notice the new Dove "Real Beauty" ad campaign.
Dove acknowledges that women have curves and bumps and ages. The ads are showing real women. Okay, so the campaign is for firming creams and stuff, which is kind of hypocritical and demeaning Oh, we know you really do want to look thinner of course you do who wouldn't? but it's a start. I am tired of it being shoved down my throat that I should wear a size two. I don't, and frankly, I would never want to. Some people think that since I am a "larger" girl (Size 14/16 actually, and proud of it! Especially since in February I was size 20. Atkins rocks.) What was I saying? Oh..that because I am larger, I am envious of the size two women, and since I cannot become them, I will hate them.
This is not the case.
I love the curves on my body. I sleep with women fercryin'outloud! I love curves on bodies! Who would want to make love to a skeleton?
America would like (and is succeeding) to make every man want to! Did you know that today's models are 24% thinner than their yesteryear sisters? America is becoming a nation of fat haters! Think of it...everything has become so inegrated. It is unlawful to discriminate on sex, race, sexual orientation, and all that other stuff! We're all like lemmings, following the pack, ready to segregate into higher/lower-better/worse societies. And in this day and age when being thin is so godamn popular, who do you think is gonna' get the worst of it?
Tirade over.

Anyhow, I realize that the media sucks. But the Dove ads are so wonderful to see, that yes, I will buy their products. Am I buying into advertising? Yup. Because we real women, yeah, those of us that having stretch marks from creating life, and a jiggly ass because we actually eat, and us that are comfortable with who we are...well, I would hope that our voices are heard.

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fezmonkey said...

Thanks for the compliment on my picture. And just for the record, I loves me some curves. I saw one of those dove ads and did a double take and had to examine it closely.