Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Little Nothing

I was bored tonight after work. I was searching through different blogs, looking for ones that interest me, when I came across this really bad one. Seriously, this girl is nuts, with certifiable issues here. I only comment here, because I am going to check up on it now and then, just to see if she offs herself/kills someone else at any point. Yeah, eerily crazy in every posting!

I am looking excitedly towards payday. I enjoy paydays, especially around Back-To-School time. There are always such cute clothes for my kids on sale, and the new school year is a perfect, wonderful excuse for outfitting my children in cute stuff. And this is the time where my exhusband actually comes through monetarily. Listen to the Alleluia chorus Yes, that's right, friends. I maintain my "lifestyle" of clipping coupons without child support.
Which is sad.
Dammit. Do you see what reading PsychoGirl's nonsensical babblebullshit does to me? Wah wah, I'm all depressed and want to talk about nothing but my problems. Oh, and I highly suspect that she posts anon posts from herself just to start drama. Boy, am I worked up about this! Oh well, it will give me something to think about as I mindlessly scan people's consumer garbage into flimsy plastic sacks that rip 7 out of 10 times. Spilling paint onto the floor. Blast it.

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fezmonkey said...

Naps are mandatory. We just often break the rules. I sometimes go through the blogs too. I think my favorites are the ones full of keywords and links that people find through searches. The weirdest page of keywords that I saw listed a bunch of different kinds of breast pumps. Go figure.