Monday, August 08, 2005

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Okay, it took a few hours, much longer than sixty seconds. My kids are all set for school, clothes-wise, that is. They are going to look so cute! I swear, it's almost like playing with dolls. I tell them what to put on, and they're so excited about all this new cute stuff, they put it on and prance around like little supermodels. Freakin' adorable I tell you.
I was thrifty at first. I went to a cute little resale store in town, and bought a bunch of stuff for $45. There was no fitting-room, so I made the girls try stuff on behind a chair. We were the only customers in the store, so the kids didn't freak out too much. The lady who owned the shop gave me a funny look, but I told her I wasn't buying anything unless it was tried on, due to a 'No Refunds' policy.

Then we went to Target, where I started out very annoyed by the security guard checking out my girlfriend, but I got over it two hundred dollars and ninety three cents later.
A quick $37 dollars at JC Penneys and a $20 stop at Claire's Boutique, and all was done!

Whew, am I tired! And you know something? I think I enjoy shopping for my children more than for myself...maybe.


lesbian_mom said...
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lesbian_mom said...

Don't you love the way the men gawk at your woman? Maybe now you'll be more understanding when your girl is upset by every guy at the mall tripping over his, uh, ego when they see you walking by.