Sunday, August 07, 2005

People Suck

Have I mentioned that I hate people? Sheesh, there are some mean ones out there!

I am just a freakin' cashier, okay? I don't order merchandise, I don't have any control over what's in stock, I don't have another option if the department head doesn't answer their phone. I have to have a price tag, I cannot just take your word for it and type in whatever you say it costs. Oh, there's no tag, but you remember that it was forty-eight cents? Good for you, now I need a godamn tag.

I just fucking work there. I do what I'm told.
"Yes sir, it is hot in here." You're only the hundredth person to tell me that.. "No ma'am, I cannot call any other cashiers." It's our only job, if we're in the building, we're here. "Have a nice afternoon!" I am not your sweetie/babe/honey or darlin'.

Oh, and it sure is a fucking laugh when I ask to see your ID and you wave it under my nose, back and forth-back and forth. You may think it's funny, but you're really just being an asshole.

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