Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Hard To Yell at The Kids When You Have No Voice

I woke up this morning and my voice was gone. I still have not found it, maybe it will show up tomorrow...
My oldest daughter had her birthday sleepover last night. I know what you're thinking now, and no, I didn't lose my voice from screaming repeatedly at a bunch of eight and nine year olds all night. They were very well-behaved.
I can only blame the stuffed up sinuses and slight sore throat from the day before.
After all the little girls had gone home, my children were being pretty bratty, probably accounting from the 3.4 hours of sleep they received the night before. I let it slide for awhile, hoping it would pass. yeah right! So I finally opened up my mouth to let loose with a scary sounding "Knock it off!" or a threatening "Anybody want a time-out?"
And all that came out was a scratchy, whispery, garbled up version ending in a croak.
My children starting laughing at me. They cracked up, and started walking around croaking and whispering, "You kids are gonna' be in trouble! Do you wanna' time-out?"
Where is the respect that I deserve as a mom who spent the previous day at the skating rink with thirteen children who asked every three minutes, "Can we have some cotton candy? Can I have a slushy? I'm hungry! Watch me skate, hey mom, look at me!" And then I took these children to my home, fed them pizza and plied them with movies and popcorn until they passed out from exhaustion.
The respect question was a rhetorical question, by the way. Stop laughing.

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