Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just Choose A Title!

Here is a poem I tried to write at work today. Maybe not really a poem, more of a...really bad impression of a poem.

Standing at my register in the depot of Home
wishing I didn't feel quite so alone.
Nobody's shopping, everyone's at home.

I didn't realize until just now, eleven hours after I wrote it, that I used the word 'home' twice. Of three lines, two end with the same word.
And that just sucks. So much, in fact, that I haved changed the original title of this post three times, from "An Original", to the "Suck Poem", (but that sounded dirty, so it had to go) to "An Original SuckPoem" because maybe it wouldn't seem dirty without the space in the middle of the word, and I realize that this is stupid and I should just forget the fucking title if it's going to be that much of a problem!

My whole point is that it was so cold at work today, my brain froze.
Did any of that make sense?

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