Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gee, It's Cold In Here?

I think I've mentioned the freezing area in which I work in. The cash register by the giant roll-up door, where my fingers can barely bend to count change- they are that cold, the area where I feel like I am dressing for a snow trip when I get up in the mornings..
Now, maybe I have gotten used to the cold. I still fucking hate it, and I will complain to you all day if you'll let me, but I expect it now. I try to be prepared.
But most of the customers aren't there at five in the morning when I can see my breath in the air inside the building!!! They are still surprised by it. They look at me sympathetically, with pity in their eyes. I think they would pat my head if they could.
"You must have the cold spot!," they say. Really? Huh.
Or, "What did you do to get stuck here? Heh heh." Yeah, you're freakin' hilarious.
Then there's the very insightful, "Gosh, don't you get cold?"
No, I enjoy wearing five undershirts to work every day.

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