Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Magic 8 Ball Fun

Let us awe at the astounding answers that the Magic 8 Ball can reveal...shall we ask a question?

Do I have to go to work tomorrow? (I do.)
Magic ball says, "Concentrate and ask again."

Allright. Do I have to go to work tomorrow?
Magic Ball says, "As I see it yes."

Does my oldest daughter have pink-eye? (She is itching her eye and won't go to sleep.)
Magic Ball says, "As I see it yes."

Am I a nympho? (My friend Jessica says I am.)
Magic Ball says, "Cannot predict now."

Will I have a one-night-stand so I can finally get laid and not worry about any emotional attachments?
Magic ball says,"My sources say no."
Crap again!!

Okay, will the guy I'm seeing get out of the hospital soon?
Magic Ball says, "You may rely on it."

Yeah, but will I get some?
Magic Ball says, "YES."
That's better!

Do I look skinnier now than I did a week ago? (I've lost seven lbs.)
Magic Ball says, "It is decidedly so."
Does the Ball have eyes?

Is the next American Idol going to be a complete goober?
Magic ball says, "As I see it yes."
I knew it.

One more time. Am I a nympho?
Magic Ball says, "YES."


whoami929 said...

Don't you wish you could use the Magic 8 ball for all your decisions? Wouldn't life be grand?

I found your blog via blog explosion. Feel free to drop by my blog and have a read. Take care!

Did you get sex yet? Don't worry babe, the drought extends all the way to PA if it helps.

Tank said...

i usually use a quarter to make big decisions. the smaller ones get a dime.

they're mostly right.