Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli

When we moved into our new apartment we had to leave our cat. Well, we didn't leave him, we gave him to my mom. We miss him a lot, but that is another story. As a result of this "no cat policy" in our new apartment, wracked with guilt, I promised my little munchkins a little sumpin-sumpin.
A fish tank. An aquarium. A water-filled container with slimy aquatic creatures in it. Fun!
It is now time to purchase said tank and fish. My youngest daughter wants your basic goldfish. Cool. Easy to flush, easy to replace. (Was that out loud?)
I told her that we would also get a "sucker fish" to eat the stuff on the bottom of the tank. So she called her grandma today and said, "Gramma, I am getting a goldfish and a lollipop fish!"
I wonder what flavors those come in...

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