Thursday, March 23, 2006

What's the Matter With Kids Today?

My nine year old daughter listens to some wierd music. There's this CD by these two chicks, Ally and AJ? Somethin' like that. She begged me to listen to it in the car while driving to school one morning, and I agreed. Basically, I heard your basic Disney-pop-wannabe-candycoated-drivel, but two songs stuck out. The first, and I don't know what it is called, was about this girl singing to her guy about leaving her alone and not suffocating the relationship too much, which, don't get me wrong, is a great idea. I want my daughter to know that's she can tell some guy to back off and it's okay. But come on! What kind of songs was I listening to at nine or ten? We'll get into that in a sec...
The second song was a remake of "Walking On Sunshine", which, when I was five years old, was my favorite song in the whole wide world. No contest. I had a copy of the song on a tape and I carried it around in my little brown Fisher-Price cassette recorder. I listened to it all the time. Until an unfortunate incident with a garage sale, but that's too painful to talk about right now. Anyhow, my youngest daughter (who is almost five) absolutely loves this song. And it makes me smile.
Songs I listened to when I was nine or ten? Lessee...
"Straight Up" by Paula Abdul.
"Love Shack" by the B-52s
"The Look" by Roxette
"Cold Hearted Snake" by Paula Abdul
"Like A Prayer" by Madonna

Do any of these songs talk about waiting and not getting too serious and backing off? Hmmm....straight up, do you really wanna' love me forever? Or am I caught in a hit-and-run? The love shack is a little-known place where we can get together. Bang! Bang! On the door, baby! Fire in the ice, naked to the T-bone Is a lover's disguise, banging on the head drum Shaking like a mad bull, she's got the look. He's a cold-hearted snake, look into his eyes...oh oh, he's been tellin' lies. When you call my name it's like a little prayer, I'm down on my knees I wanna' take you there.
1989 was a fun year, I tell you what.


Ina said...

I personally think we should BURN the Ally and AJ cd. I give you his opinion not only as Auntie, but as temporary roommate.


BrokeMom said...

By 'burn' you mean 'copy', right? I know you wouldn't break my little girl's heart like that...would you? WOULD YOU??!! yeah. You would. And you'd tell her "Mommy did it."