Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Gossip Mill Goes Round and Round

Hex called me today. Apparently, there is a "rumor" going around that I am pregnant. This sounds strange to me, mostly because I don't talk to anyone anymore. Nope, too busy to have friends! Is it possible that someone unnoticed saw me and reported to Hex that I looked preggo? I mean, I have gained a little weight, but sheesh!
My other thought is that she was just making it up to have a reason to keep me on the phone a little longer.
In any case, it's a tad bothersome to hear that people allegedly think I'm pregnant, because I take my Pill regularly. Religiously! AND I just bought a truck that has no chance in hell of accommodating a carseat! When I bought the truck, I weighed out my options on the whole "baby" thing. I decided that I was not going to buy a truck and get rid of it later for another MommyMobile, so if I bought the truck, I was deciding not to have any more children. I was deciding that my children's "sibling unit" was complete.
So, for those of you reading who share with others, I'm not pregnant. Just fat. And I love my truck.


Ina said...

You're truck is pregnant?! WTF mate?

BrokeMom said...

Yes. It will have little truck babies...I wonder what they'll look like...