Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's Been Going On

I filed a Dissolution of Domestic Partnership at my local courthouse in May. The clerks did not know how to file it. "We've never had one of these!" said the clerk.

Hex filed for visitation rights to see my children. (Why? Because I won't let her see them.) We went to court about it yesterday, and among the more confusing statements out of Hex's mouth was this: "She won't let me see the girls because she says it's too hard to see me because she misses me!" Or some crap to that effect. Miss her? Hmm...I don't miss the sex, because I'm currently getting better. I don't miss the smoking, constant pot begging from friends, whining, lying, cheating, comments from the neighbors about why can't she leave them alone, over-emotional over-analyzing of everything, because it all annoyed me.
I won't let her see my daughters because she's not a good person. Maybe deep down inside, you say? Nah. I've figured out the reasons why I was with her for years...and let's just say, it wasn't due to her charming personality.

So we were referrred to mediation. I called to make my mediation appointment today. The conversation went like this:
Me: "Hi, I'd like to make my court-referred appointment for mediation!"
Clerk: "Okay, what's the father's name?"
Me: "Uhhh...no father?"
Clerk: "OH. You must be BrokeMom!"
Me: "Why yes, yes I am. Have you guys ever been through anything like this?"
Clerk: "Nope! This is groundbreaking for us!"

So, apparently this is the first same-sex divorce/visitation case they've ever had in this county. Which I think is kinda' cool. But rethinking it, maybe not. It means they'll do everything by the book and research other cases, etc. This will set precedence for any other case like this!
Go lesbian moms! This could be a step for equal rights all around!

Um, yeah. Except for the fact that I don't want my daughters around a psycho trailer-trash lying thieving bitch, everything would be great.

But I'll let you know how things go.


Ina said...

For reasons I don't care to discuss, I don't think my conscience will allow me to live out another day without telling you that I owe you an apology:

"I'm really sorry"

and that "Bitch formerly known as Hex" and I will never speak again. However, if you happen to run into the guy who was NOT, but really WAS, her boyfriend since before the two of you seperated in the future, you should give him a smile. Afterall, I believe he can sympathize with what you experienced in your relationship with "bitch" better than anyone can.

BrokeMom said...

Uh...I'm confused. He was there at court with her. WTF? Thank you for the apology, but....I'm confused.

Ina said...

Sorry for the confusion, but I don't care to discuss it with you any further. I won't be returning your calls... sorry.

BrokeMom said...

no no, I wasn't wanting you to discuss anything about your reasons, those are yours and yours alone. I just wanted to know WHY you were apologizing to me. I call it a common courtesy, but if you diagree, then you can just ignore me and carry on.
Whatever the case, I appreciated the apology.

Ina said...

The apology was for my own misjudgement of the person that I thought was (in the least) worthy enough to see your children. Keep them away from that piece of trash.

BrokeMom said...

O.M.G. Is it finally MY turn to have the tattoo??!! Once? Holy crap.What a day...I will savor it...