Friday, November 10, 2006

A New Start with Kicks

I was sent a credit card application in the mail. Just for kicks, I opened it. It said I was pre-approved for some card or another. Just for kicks, I went to the credit card website and accepted.
Now, when I was younger, I had good credit. Any department store card I applied for I received. This was ultimately bad. Very, very bad. I was not responsible enough for credit cards. As a result, my credit ended up not so good. Not, not good.
I didn't understand the benefits of having credit. I was turned down by apartments I wanted to live in because of my credit history. No department store cards. (Not that I would have wanted them---I understand the process of buying things one can afford now.) My insurance rates were higher at certain companies because of my credit history. I pretended I didn't care, that I didn't want those things, but I did. I wanted to have the option at least!
When I had to have my father co-sign on my truck loan, I understood. Hell, I was thrilled that they even let my name be on the application! Apparently with the passing of time, creditors have again decided that I am worthy of the risk again, because I really was accepted.
To have good credit again? I see the path of my future, and it's a good one. It seems as though it's in steps. First, I had to have the education. Then I got a job. I was self-sufficient, paying my bills, every bill, on time. Then, a better job. With the income, I bought the vehicle I wanted. With the nice pay increases comes the knowledge that one day I will be able to afford my own home. My own home.
So I am all the more knowing. All the more responsible. The day that I stood up and said, "I want to get off welfare and fucking do something!" was the biggest step, the smartest step, that I could have ever taken. I've got not-so-bad credit!
Just for kicks.

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