Saturday, November 04, 2006

Operation Ass-Shrinking

My blasted diet is not working. Probably because I can't manage to stay on the damn thing. I try to do the whole no/low carb thing, but I get sloppy. Hungry. Whatever. I get to thinking, "Oh, I could eat this apple. It's a fruit carb. And fiber! That's good for me."
And an apple turns into a slice of low-carb bread. The low-carb bread turns into regular bread and lunch meat. Before you know it, the kids find me huddled in the closet of a dark room, surrounded by cookie crumbs and It'sIt wrappers with chocolate smeared all over my face.
It's not pretty.


samantha said...

Due to my recent liver problems the doctor has put me on a diet that I have to follow and it seems to be working. It's not too hard, and you can actually eat sugars and breads every once in a while. Only eat 1200-1300 calories a day. What I did was went and bought a calorie counter book and just look everything up before I eat it. Smaller servings, but the same food. I don't exercise that much and I have lost 5 lbs now. Let me know how it works.

Ina said...

Just remember - in the bathroom with the lights off - it doesn't count. ^_-

I'd be there to support and go through it again with you... but uhm.... yeah I can't. Give me nine months though and I'll jump right on that wagon!