Monday, January 22, 2007

I've Stopped Asking

In my chosen career, I meet a lot of different types of people. Some of them are drug felons, some are homeless, some are parolees of some type or the other. Lots of people from all areas of life. During the interviewing process, I can pretty much ask the client whatever I want that concerns their life-situation.
Instead of asking, "Oh, you just got out of prison? What was your conviction?" I now just ask, "Are you a convicted drug felon?" (Drug felons cannot get food stamps. Sex offenders may.)
I got tired of finding out that my client is a sex offender. I have to be impartial in my job, and I cannot treat any client differently from any other. But when I find out that the person sitting across from me has been convicted of hurting someone, especially a child, I can't help it. Outward, my demeanor does not change. But on the inside? On the inside, I get so frustrated that I have to help someone who hurt a child. I'm a mother, I know the danger. I can go on the Megan's Law website and see my client's picture and what their offense was.
As a mother, I want to scream and say things like, No you can't have food stamps! Why in the fuck should you be helped after what you did?!"
But I can't. And I don't. So I've stopped asking, if just to save myself the thoughts that every mother thinks. "What if it were my child?"

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Bluepaintred said...

oh that would kill me right there. or i would kill them. not kids, never kids. they are ment to be protected and cherished never ever hurt!