Tuesday, January 30, 2007


...I am so full of anger and frustration, I want to feel as though this ring on my finger is burning, and I try to imagine that feeling so I can yank it off.
But it never does burn, it just sits there comfortably.


Ina said...


Ahhhh life with a male of the species..... didn't you miss it?

BrokeMom said...

At least this one not only takes showers and brushes his teeth, but he does his OWN laundry too!

Ina said...

Yeah? I knew he had potential. I am also impressed with the new experiences of the male species. Mine takes actual SHOWERS daily. He also brushes his teeth daily, AND he does ALL of the laundry and the dishes.

And he adopted a kitten for me..... willingly.

And we're having a baby in less than 4 months!!! (BTW I feel fat)

Could my life be any more different?

My life is SO different now.