Thursday, February 01, 2007

Green Is The Way To Go

So, I am getting serious about this whole exercise thing. I need to be healthier, and sitting on my ass just isn't cutting it anymore. So I went shopping.
No wait, let me finish! I didn't go shopping as an exercise plan, I went shopping to help me with my goal.

Here's what I bought:

New walking/running shoes
Sporty new tanktop to match shoes (but I paid full price which pisses me off)
ipod which matches said shoes and tank and is engraved with my name

I am ready to go. Almost. The ipod has been shipped, and I have explained ten times to Fiance why Fiance needs to answer the door when someone knocks, as it will be the FedEx person. In anticipation of ipod, I wore shoes and tank and went on a bike ride this afternoon. See what a motivator new exercise clothes can be? Because I've been eating better lately, I've also lost 9 lbs so far...I can't see the difference, but the scale can.

Sometimes the image of my ipod will flash through my brain, and I get so excited I spin around and chant "ipod ipod ipod!" And then I get a little worried, because the ipod is only 1.6 inches big, and I am constantly losing my cellphone, which is, by comparison, much larger.

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