Monday, January 15, 2007

To The Ex-Wife

Dear Ex-Wife,

I spout off a bunch of crap about how I "can't judge you because I don't know you", and how I'm "sure that you had your reasons for doing what you did", but c'mon...we both know it's bullshit. I judge you. I think that you're a horrible person. Yes, I'm only hearing one side of the story, but that side is pretty incriminating!
You took the children "on vacation" and never came back. You then told the children that their father wanted nothing to do with them. Don't deny this, I've heard it straight from your son. Your ex-husband knows you lied, your son knows you lied, and your daughter will also know you lied. Oh hey, guess what? The courts are going to be involved soon, what are you going to do then?
The man I am engaged to used to be a very sad man. (This is the same man whose children you stole, in case you're wondering.) I consider myself to be a pretty crafty woman, and I took it upon myself to find two "missing" children. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for MySpace! The Sad Man is now a Glad Man, and your lies have been uncovered.
On a personal could you? How could you?! No matter the differences you and he had, what gives you the right to take them away? I've talked to your son, and he remembers what life was like with his father, he remembers the life-lessons that his father taught him. What did you think you were accomplishing by doing what you did? Did you think your children would thank you later? Did you think you wouldn't be found? Seriously, what in the fuck were you thinking?!


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Ina said...

I can sympathize with you whole heartedly. And I thought I would never attempt to explain to you why it makes me sad that Leia is considered one of your friends.

The reason I dislike her? Because she supports Robyn entirely in her decision to keep Duane's kids away from him.